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The Evolution to Smart Bridges | Week 7

Join us for an Hour to Discover New Bridge Technology As a valued Bluewater subscriber, we would like to invite you to a seminar entitled “The Evolution to Smart Bridges” at 9:00am in the Pier Top Lounge at Pier Sixty-Six on February 13th. Enjoy free breakfast, raffle prizes, and free tender dockage at the marina […]

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Sailing the Galápagos Islands | Week 6

Experience the Ecosystem that Time Forgot The wildlife of the Galápagos Islands have survived largely untouched by humans and non-native species since their creation. This archipelago comprises 18 major islands over 3,040 square miles and each island has its own landing points, dive locations, snorkeling sites, and unique flora and fauna. Bluewater is a distributor […]

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