Maritime Security

Maritime Security

Risks and threats to crews, passengers, and vessels continue to evolve and affect mariners worldwide.  There are several potential risks and threats that could affect your vessel and no reliable systems that provide real-time information specific to a vessel’s location and operations until now.  Through our partnership with International Maritime Security Associates (IMSA), we are the primary distributor of the award-winning ARMS (Automated Risk Management Solution) software platform to the large yacht industry.

ARMS provides real-time, location specific risk and threat information to vessels and integrates vessel specific response protocols.  The software platform is supported by IMSA’s 24/7 Information, Intelligence, and Communications Center (I2C) where intelligence and communications specialists are always available to assist clients via phone or email.  The software is automated, so you only get alerts on risks and threat pertinent to your location.

Alerts Include:

  • Civil Unrest affecting vessels movements in ports, canals, waterways, marinas
  • Port/Canal delays
  • Maritime Concerns (piracy, migrants, navigation hazards, hijackings)
  • Major Weather (tropical, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, high winds/seas)
  • Disease outbreaks and medical epidemics
  • Cyber security issues and information

The ARMS platform also provides a re-broadcast of GMDSS information, provides a portal for vessels to report risks, and has an emergency “SOS” button that goes directly to the IMSA I2C.  For more information contact

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