The Future of Maritime Risk Management is Now!



Unknown risks and threat in the maritime environment cost hundreds of millions in extra operating costs and increase the overall price of goods to consumers. These risks and the threats are now identified using the ARMS Platform to protect ships, crew members, and cargo where it matters most.

ARMS provides risk and threat information automatically to vessels (Cargo, Cruise, Large Yacht) and shore side managers based on geographic position while integrating vessel specific response protocols and providing a secure portal to report risk.

The key to the ARMS platform is AIMS’s Global Intelligence, Information and Communication Center (G-12C). Within this state of the art facility, highly experienced personnel gather, correlate, validate, and disseminate real time intelligence to vessel personnel 24/7 with worldwide communication support.

Click here to watch a video of IMSA and Bluewater Launch ARMS on M/Y Marcato

To schedule a demonstration during FLIBS 2018 please contact


To schedule a demonstration during FLIBS 2018 please contact

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