British Admiralty Products


ADP v17 – No Videos (350 MB)

ADP Update wk 14-2017 (117 MB)

ADP – AdmiraltyTV – Video Guide YouTube (Link)

e-Reader (e-NPs)

e-NP Reader v1.3 – All Pubs – No Videos (~1,750 MB – 1.62 GB)

e-NP Reader v1.3 – No Pubs – No Videos (220 MB)

E-NP Reader v1.2, v1.3 User Guide  (5 MB)

Admiralty Gateway

Admiralty Gateway v4.4 (380 MB)


All Playlists


The following links will allow you to install or reinstall BICCS:

BICCS Basic – Installing BICCS Basic v2

BICCS Basic – Re-Installing BICCS Basic v2

Quick Start Guides:

BICCS Basic – How to Replace Expired Items And Receive Digitrace Corrections

BICCS – Change Your Digitrace Active Charts and Pubs


New Installs or Updating from Digitrace v5.2.2 to Digitrace v5.3.1 Upgrade

We are pleased to announce the release of the newest Digitrace Version 5.3.1.  You can learn more by clicking on this link:

Digitrace v5.3+ – What’s New (PDF)

Please follow the appropriate instructions outlined in the documents included with the downloaded files.

— If you are updating from version 5.2 you must uninstall Digitrace first per the UPDATE instructions.  This is a simple 3 step process.

— If you are doing a clean install of Digitrace v5.3.1 then follow the INSTALLATION instructions.  It’s 3 steps to install + 1 more step to license the program.

Digitrace v5.3.1 – Install/Update Installer and Documents


Digitrace v5.3.0 to Digitrace v5.3.1 Upgrade  *Important*

You must be running version 5.3.1. To verify what version of Digitrace you are running launch Digitrace. The version number will be displayed on the top right. Or, click on HELP/ABOUT to display the version number.

If you need to update from v5.3.0 to v5.3.1 then click on the link below to download just the Digitrace v5.3.1 installer.

Digitrace v5.3.1 Installer Only (89 MB)


Digitrace Update Files – BA Only  — (Please ask if you have any questions)

BA Service ONLY – Current Year – Wk 21-2017 (190 MB)

BA Service ONLY – Complete Year – 2016 (317 MB)

BA Service ONLY – Complete Year – 2015 (190 MB)

BA Service ONLY – Complete Year – 2014 (179 MB)


Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seaman

COSWP Carriage Requirements


IMO Requirements On Carriage Of Publications On Board Ships

IMO Bookshelf – E-Reader – Download Version (48 MB)

IMO Supplements/Erratum’s/etc. (29 MB)

TeamViewer v11

Bluewater/TeamViewer v11 Quick Support  (5.4 MB)