Volume 2, Newsletter #24: October 24, 2014

NP 133C Admiralty Enc Maintenance Record
The Admiralty ENC Maintenance Record is a quick reference folder which is designed to hold paper records on ENC and ECDIS maintenance.

USCG Navigation Rules And Regulations Handbook
In stock.
This handbook (which supersedes Commandant Instruction 16772.2D, Navigation Rules: International-Inland) is a compendium, produced by the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Standards Branch, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington, DC

Solas Consolidated 2014 Edition
In stock.
This edition supersedes SOLAS Consolidated (2009 Edition) and SOLAS Amendments (2008/2009 Edition) and SOLAS Amendments (2010/2011 Edition).

Solas 1 Poster Life-Saving Signals 2014
In stock.

Solas 2 Poster Life-Saving Signals 2014
In stock.

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